Wednesday 16 October 2013

First Loose Glitter Mani

Good morning!  I hope everyone is recovering well from Turkey Weekend!  I had 3 dinners to go to, and I stuffed my face at each one!!  WOO!!  And the dieting starts ;)

So I have some news, if you haven't seen it already on my Facebook page, Tyler and I have decided on a wedding date!!  We have been engaged for just over 6 years now, and it's high-time we decided, huh?!  ;)  I have been keeping this a secret ever since I went to Tyler's friend's wedding back in September because we were wanting to tell our families on Thanksgiving weekend because that was the only time we were going to be all together and see everyone at the same time.  It actually worked out perfectly because all the families (Tyler's mom and both of my grandparents) were all able to have their dinners on a different day, so we weren't racing around to each family dinner and got to chillax with everyone :)

Onto the nails!  Today I have for you my first ever loose glitter placement mani!  This is inspired by Laura over at PolishAllTheNails because she does some BEAUTIFUL loose glitter placement manis and I admire each and every one of them!

I started with 2 coats of (my favourite blue polish) Julep Bess, isn't it such a gorgeous and cheerful blue?!  Perfection!

Then, I used Essence Effect Nails loose glitter in Miss Blue Eyes, and got to work on my loose glitter placement mani following Laura's tutorial.  Let me tell you that this Miss Blue Eyes's eyes were crossed by the time I was done this one nail!  I decided to only do the one accent nail because the glitter was too tiny for this beginner to be doing something like this.  The idea with these glitters is to dunk your wet nail into the little pot and completely cover the nail with the glitters rather than placing them individually.

I do have some larger glitters (silver holo hexes) that I will be trying this with very soon (and I got some snowflake glitters, but I have been told by a certain someone *cough* Amber *cough* that I'm not allowed to do Christmas manis yet) and I can't wait to give it a try!  At least with the larger glitters it'll seem like a breeze compared to this ;)

The thing I love about this, rather than dunking my nail into the glitters, is that the glitters lay perfectly flat even with a thin top coat.  No snagging, no catching, no desire to remove it because they are driving me batty!  And it was so sparkly :)

Thank you, Laura, for inspiring me to do this kind of mani!  While this didn't turn out as beautiful as yours normally are, we all have to start somewhere! :D


  1. Wow congrats for one thing! so excited for you! Me & Hubby got engaged at 5 years & married on our 8 year anniversary. People ask why we waited so long (like we are crazy people) but we didn't want to rush. We knew we would be together forever & didn't want to ruin that & our kids childhoods by rushing & our relationship going down the gutter. We would have waited longer but our 6 year old kept begging us to get married so it was really all thanks to her. lol

    The nails are beautiful! I may have to try this over my FNUG Futuristica I was going to review today or tomorrow!

    1. Haha, I get that all the time too .. "are you married yet?" or "have you set a date yet?" like being engaged for more than a year is a bad thing. I'm glad we waited too cause it gave us a chance to make sure we can put up with each other :P


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