Monday 25 November 2013

Halo Hues Reciprocal Gradient

Good morning and Happy Monday!  It's a beautifully chilly winter's day today!  We got a couple inches of snow over the weekend while I was away watching Hunger Games, so the entire town is blanketed in a gorgeous layer of the white stuff :D  Christmas carols are running through my head all of my waking hours now, and I have graduated from snowflake/winter earrings to Christmas ones!  Is anyone else getting excited??

Let's get to the nails.  I did these a while back and was reluctant to even post them because I couldn't get them to look right in the pictures.  I loved this mani, the pictures didn't do it any justice at all!

For this I started with 2 coats of Color Club Eternal Beauty.  Of my select few holo polishes, Eternal Beauty is by far my favourite!  Could be partially cause it's purple... ;)

Then I used a yellow kitchen sponge and created a gradient using Color Club Eternal Beauty and Halo-graphic.  When that was dry, I applied striping tape on my ring nail and created a gradient using the same polishes but in the reverse order over the striping tape.

I have to say that while I love tape and stripe manis, striping tape is such a pain to work with.  Hence why I only did my ring nail :)  And I was lazy and didn't apply a top coat before I showered, so that's why there are marks on the middle nail from washing my hair.  Yup, this was a lazy-day mani!

What do you think?  I love how well the Halo Hues polishes sponge on in a gradient and how well these two shades work together.


  1. so pretty! purple is my favourite polish colour so now i have two more to add to my wishlist.

    1. These are both gorgeous polishes! I highly recommend them if you don't have them and/or need more holos in your collection :D

  2. This is gorgeous!! :D
    Oooh, snow and Hunger Games is an amazing combo!! I love both :D

    1. Thanks! Did you go and watch Catching Fire on opening weekend??


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