Wednesday 11 December 2013

Christmas Nails #1

Hello and Happy Two Weeks till Christmas!!  I can't believe we are so close!  Next week is my last week of work, and Tyler and I are getting our tree this weekend!  Yahoo!!  Now, let's just hope that Owen doesn't pull it down while we are away at work next week, and that I manage to get all my shopping done before it's too late!

I know I promised a bunch of Christmas nails for the month of December, but I have lost my polish mojo.. again.  I have done a few, so I will start with posting the first one I did - 

This is a really simple one - 1 coat of Ninja Polish Candy Cane Floam over Sinful Colors Exotic Green.  I like how simple this is, but it looks so festive at the same time!

I really love the Floam polishes, and glad I was able to snag the ones I have.  Though I will say that the removal of them is a real pain.

Have you tried a Floam?  Which is your favourite version?

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