Tuesday 8 April 2014

Ellagee Polishes for Review

Hey everyone!  This has been such a long time coming, and I apologize Laura!  My blogging mojo still isn't quite back, but let's get to it shall we?

I purchased these polishes with my own money using a blogger discount code provided by Laura at Ellagee in return for my honest review of the polishes.  There are NO affiliate links below, only links to the products featured in this post.

First up is Another Notch in My Lipstick Case.

This is a .. dusty I guess .. slightly burgundy-ish red scattered holo polish.  I applied 2 kind of difficult coats for this picture.  I found the formula to be a little thick and hard to work with.  I also wasn't too sure about the colour when I put it on, but it grew on me.  The scattered holo is perfect, as you know I prefer scattered holo to linear anyways :)  This picture has no clean up, cause I was lazy and didn't think it looked too bad :)  You can purchase this polish here.

Up next is Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel.

I chose this polish because I thought it would kill my desire for Enchanted Polish Love the Way You Lilac, and while it's very similar, I think the holo-ness of this is quite different judging from pictures.  That's ok though, cause I do like this one.  It was a little easier to work with and I used 2 coats for this picture, but I did have to do some clean up as the brush got a little out of control.  This is a grey-ish lavender polish with a very subtle scattered holo that likes to hide from the camera.  It's more visible in direct sunlight but didn't want to photograph very well, and it's appearing more grey than it is in person.  What is it with purple polishes?!  You can purchase this polish here.  Looks like it's currently out of stock as I type up this post, so check back later, she may restock it!

I have another polish I got to review as well, Shirley Temple, but I didn't get a blog-worthy picture of it when I had it on.  I may put it on again soon!  It's a beautiful colour-changing polish with circle glitters :D  If you want to see the picture I did get, check out my Instagram post!  You can purchase Shirley Temple here.  It's also out of stock right now, so make sure to check back!

You can purchase these polishes, and all the other gorgeous creations on Ellagee's shop.  Make sure to also stop by her Facebook page and Instagram for all restock and product updates!

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