Friday 28 March 2014

I'm Alive!!

Wow, it's been over 2 months since my last blog post.. whoops!

I'm still alive and well, but let me tell you, my blogging has taken a nose dive.
I completely lost my interest in it, and it was starting to become too much work to do it daily, or even a couple times a week.

But, let's catch up, shall we?  Here's what's been going on in my life for the last while:

a)  Tyler got me a puppy for Christmas.  Remember this cutie?
Lexi will be 5 months on April 4th (oh how time flies!), and she is full of spit and vinegar, and keeps me busy most of the time!  Owen loves her, and she loves Owen, but they definitely have their moments, as all fur-siblings do.  She is now a little taller than Owen, and longer too.
Owen and Lexi staring down little Bosco
(my sister's boyfriend's mom's dog.. cause that's not confusing as heck!)
Sidenote: Lexi was the same size as Bosco (pug) when we got her :)

b)  I'm getting married in October (YAY!), so wedding planning has started full swing around my house.  I have my dress, we have decided on the bridesmaid dresses, this weekend we are hoping to finalize the guys' attire, and we are going to try out some cake/cupcakes from one of the bakeries we have narrowed our search to.  All of the other bigger stuff, other than flowers, is done and decided on, so now it's just going to be deciding on all of the smaller stuff like d├ęcor.

c)  I have destashed my polish collection down to about 200 polishes.  YIKES!!  I know!  (Check out my Storenvy if you want to take some off my hands!)  Over half that remain are still untried/not swatched on their own, so I'm trying to work on that slowly but surely.  If you follow me in Instagram (you totally should!), you will have seen some polishes that haven't made it on here.

And, here's what I'm wearing today - Whimsical Ideas by Pam Hatched!  My first Whimsy ^_^

I'm going to really try to get back into blogging more, but it might be a once-a-week kind of thing, hope you guys don't mind :)

That's about it.  What's new with you??


  1. Yay for puppy pics! lol It's good to see you back (well sorta back lol) And that Whimsy is gorg, I have so many Whimsies on my wishlist it's pitiful

    1. Isn't it?! Pam makes lots of beautiful polishes, but they seem so hard to get a hold of. I'm not a fan of the emailing to order system she has, but if that works for her, then that's great :) A lot of indies don't ship to Canada either. I actually got this off of a polish swap/sale board, so make sure to keep your eye out for them if you're looking through those :)

  2. Aww, I love Lexi's ears! Glad you didn't completely fall off the face of the earth! :)

    1. She has full control of her ears now :D She was one of the last in the litter to have her ears stand, but now that she has them up, they are ALWAYS up! :)


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