Sunday, 14 April 2013

C is for Colour Blocking

Happy Sunday!!!  Who is looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow?  Yeah, me neither, lol!

Today I've got for you my "C" mani for the ABC Challenge!  I'm pretty excited about this and the way that it turned out!

C is for Colour Blocking

This is my first attempt at a colour blocking mani and I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out.  I let my sister pick the colours, so there are none that are a "C" brand or a "C" name.  I used Julep Lily as my base colour (pink).  Then I taped it off with striping tape when it was completely dry.  Then I used Julep Leah (green), Julep Mystery Yellow, Julep Annie (blue) and OPI Funkey Dunkey (purple).

I love the colour combination of all of these!  They are perfect together.  I was going to leave my right hand with just Julep Lily, but Sarah insisted that it had to be done in the colour blocking too, to match my left hand.  I wasn't wanting to paint them myself, so I taped it off and made Sarah paint them :)

Have you done a colour blocking mani before?  What colour combination you use?


  1. These are awesome! After I did this design with the black and coral the other week I've done the same for this week of ABC with metallics! Great minds... :D

    1. They are so much fun and so pretty! I love looking at it, and I said to my sister that it was a design that I would be willing to put a gel top coat over :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jasmine!! My sister is the one to thank for the colour combo :D She went into my room and picked them out :)


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