Sunday 9 June 2013

K is for Kisses

Happy Sunday!  We're starting to count down the days till moving day :D  Just a bit more to pack, like my polishes and the clothes I will need for the next couple weeks.  Tyler and I got a BBQ yesterday too :D  I have to say that I LOVE shopping for house stuff with him!!  We also went to look at bathroom hardware like towel bars, etc. but we are waiting until we go for our first visit to make sure there hasn't been anything put up :)

Today I have my "K" mani for the ABC Challenge, can you believe we're on K already?  Holy crapoly, where does the time go?!

K is for Kisses

For this I used Julep Kate as my base colour, then stamped using Julep Eva with the kisses design from Bundle Monster stamping plate BM-303.  I can't believe how well Eva stamped!  I think a lot of Julep's polishes (aside from the lighter colours) are good stamping polishes because their formula is a little thick :)

I then thought "this needs some sparkle" and added a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust.

It was a little tricky to see because of the white base colour, but it added some personality to the mani and made it more romantic looking :)  This would be a great mani for Valentine's Day :)


  1. This would be perfect for valentine's day you're right and it's so adorable and gorgeous. Your stamping is amazing! I have some plates but never could get it to work right.

    1. Stamping takes time and practice :) There are times when I just can't get it to work the way I want, and other times it works like a charm :) You just have to keep practicing :D


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