Thursday 22 August 2013

Daily Lacquer Seeing Beyond

Good morning readers!  I have had this polish stashed in my folder for a while now, and I am finally getting to posting it.  Bad blogger, I know :(  But, here it is!  This is the gorgeous Daily Lacquer Seeing Beyond!

This is 2 coats of Seeing Beyond over bare nail.  It's a perfect pale grey crelly polish chock-full of bright neon glitters in lots of colours and sizes!  The inspiration for this polish was the book The Giver.  I remember reading this book in Grade 6 and I remember trying really hard to imagine a world without colour.  I think that Maggy has captured the essence of the story in this polish perfectly, and it makes me want to buy the book so I can read it again!

The application of this polish was really easy and I didn't have to fish for any glitters.  There was a little work with placing glitters, but that was because I wanted them scattered across the nail.  And sometimes, like other glitter polishes, they would be on the nail and with the next brush stroke they would be back on the brush.  But other than that, there are absolutely no complaints about this polish.

I also have to say that I LOVE the packaging of Daily Lacquer polishes!  The bottle shape is so cute and Maggy ties a little bow on each lid.  I was so careful not to ruin it while I was polishing with this :)

Maggy has been away from polish making for the last little while, but I hope that she will be back soon to make some more beautiful creations :D  I have 3 more of her polishes that I hope to swatch soon, but don't hold your breath - I have had this polish for a while now (ordered in March) and just got to swatching it over a month ago :(  You can keep an eye out for her return by liking her Facebook page, or by bookmarking her online shop :)  I hope you are feeling better soon Maggy!  *hugs and kisses*

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