Saturday 21 July 2012

Nail Mail Avon Orchid Splash

Happy Saturday everyone!  What does everyone have planned for this beautiful day?  I'm still in London today and will be busy busy with lots of things to do :)

I have to go to the gym (Gold's Gym - Tyler did his placement here for college), take Owen to the dog park (we promised him we'd go yesterday but we ran out of time), going out for lunch to a burger place that, according to Tyler, makes lots of different types of burgers that are MASSIVE, maybe going out to the bar where my sister works tonight, and I have somehow managed to find time to paint my nails ;)

My youngest sister, Sarah, is slightly addicted to Avon's nail polish colour Cotton Candy.  So much so that she has pretty much drained the bottle that I have, so I ordered her a new one so she can continue with her OCD-ness of having her toenails painted Cotton Candy pink and ONLY Cotton Candy pink :P  So while I was at it, I ordered some face cleanser and, go figure, another colour of polish :D  It's was on for $3.99, regularly $6.99, so it was on sale... that's my reasoning anyways, lol!
So anyways, the colour I ordered is called Orchid Splash, and here's what it looks like --

Looks are deceiving - the colour in those photos are not accurate :(  I apologize for that, I couldn't get the right colour in the bottle.  Here's what it looks like on my nails.  These are more accurate for the colour of the polish in real life.

Natural Light

Natural Light

Natural Light

I love this colour but don't know how best to describe it... it's fucshia-purple, but it's soft, like a pastel.  I will do some stamping over this colour for tomorrow's blog :D

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