Sunday 22 July 2012

NOTD: Avon Orchid Splash with Konad Stamping

Good morning gang!  I hope everyone's had a wonderful weekend.  Today's my last day in London visiting my sister :(  I don't want to go home, lol!

What has everyone been up to this weekend?  The weather was perfect here in southern Ontario for all sorts of outside activities :D  For me that consisted of... taking Owen outside on a leash to pee, lol!  My sister lives in an apartment, so it's a big change for baby Owen -- he's used to being able to roam where he wants in a backyard without a leash on.

As promised, I did some nail stamping over top of Avon Orchid Splash for you today.  I had a hard time choosing something, but decided on this abstract design :)  I think it's really interesting to look at and it turned out great!

I used Konad's special polish in White to stamp this design onto my nails.  I used plate # M65.  The only thing I don't like about the full-nail designs for nail stamping is that you have to make sure to get it lined up 100% on the edge of your nails so that there are no blank spots, but if you have nail beds that are a little wider, the design doesn't cover your whole nail.

What do you think of this nail art?  Fun and funky or a little too much?


  1. Hey Erica!

    I love how geometric and whimsical this manicure is. And the white looks so crisp on top of the pink. It's girly, but not frou-frou, so I dig it!

    1. Thanks Mary! I love geometric patterns and I haven't tried this one before so I thought I would :) There were a couple places that didn't transfer properly, but only people who know what the stamp should look like would notice ;)


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