Saturday 28 July 2012

NOTD: Get a Life! ;)

Hey everybody!  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far :)

I have for you today the nail art I was going to do on Thursday but due to nail staining (which is still there) I put it off, but decided to do it anyways.  This is for all you video-game junkies out there!

I was able to cover the staining with white polish, then added a nude sheer to it to give it an almost natural nail look.  It's a lot better than what this design would have looked like without the white coat because my green stained nails would have been peeking through the design.

Anyways, without further ado, here is what I have for you today.  I saw this nail tutorial on cutepolish's YouTube channel and just had to try it!

This was a little more difficult than it looked in the video, but I used the nail polish brush rather than a smaller art brush, so that made it a little trickier.  Next time I would definitely use a smaller art brush.

I also knicked my thumb nail while I was waiting for the nude colour to dry, so please ignore that  :)

So the colours I used -- Avon Electric Green, L'Oréal I Will, Jordana Pop Art Black and Sally Hansen Nearl Nude Natural Colour from a French Tip kit.  In the sunlight pictures you can see the shimmer of the nude colour, it's very pretty on its own too :)

What do you guys think?  I would also like to try the design with red for the "grow-up" mushrooms from Super Mario Bros.  Super Mario Bros. is my favourite video game, but I don't know all the "technical" terms for the magic mushrooms in the game :P

So the next time your boyfriend or husband tells you to "get a life" because you paint your nails too often, paint this for him then see what he has to say ;D


  1. Love it! my nails are stained a greeny blue from a few months ago. You can actually see the line where it's grown out! Pretty funny, I just always keep mine painted to avoid having to worry about it!

    1. Thanks Stephanie!
      Mine is slowly coming off. I took of my Mario nails a little while ago to prepare to do them again today and the green is slowly coming off with every polish change, but that was the 4th polish removal and they are still slightly green. Almost looks like they have grass stains on them, lol!!

  2. Hey Erica!

    I'm really impressed by this manicure. You did such a great job, and the little mushroom guy is adorable!

    1. Thanks Mary! When I saw cutepolish's tutorial I knew I had to try it for all the people who don't care for nail art otherwise ;)


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