Monday 30 July 2012

NOTD: Water Marble

Well I made it through today -- how about you guys?

Jill over at Jilltastic Nail Design has weekly nail art challenges on her Facebook page and this week she chose water marbling for her fans.  I have tried this technique twice before and have found that it's a very tricky technique and you have to hold your tongue just right in order for it to work ;P  I decided I would participate in the challenge so tonight I did some water marbling.

First, I painted my nails white with L'Oréal I Will! so that the colours I used to water marble would pop!  Then did my water marbling with Jessica Black, Avon Loving Lavender and Aqua Fantasy.  I LOVE the way this turned out even though there were some spots where I mis-aimed and didn't get any design on my nails but that's OK because the white adds extra character with the unique designs :)

So what do you think??  Have you tried water marble nail art?  Share pictures with us on my Facebook page!

Some tips and tricks --
  • Use room temperature bottled water, not tap water
  • I use a plastic shot glass (Jell-o shooter glass) that I got at my local dollar store
  • Apply chapstick on the skin around your nail and up your finger so that when you dip your nail into the water and polish it is much easier to remove the polish that gets on your skin.
  • Check out these videos to get a visual on how to accompish this technique -- Jilltastic Nail Design and cutepolish

The thing I like about water marbling is that every nail looks different :)


  1. This is so gorgeous!!! I am so bad at water marbling lol XD

    1. Thanks :D It definitely takes practice! :D I found that the hardest part is making sure the polishes work and spread out on the top of the water - that was where I always had my problem when I first started marbling. I think that using the room temperature bottled water is the key :)

  2. Hey Erica!

    You did an amazing job! What a beautiful manicure! The colours go so well together. :)

    I still haven't tried water marbling, but I'll have to remember to come back and re-read your tips. They'll surely come in handy. I like how you suggest to use Chapstick around the cuticle. That's way better than using tape, which I can already see as being very cumbersome.

    1. Thanks :D I love water marbling but it just takes so long -- I was about 1.5 hours from bare nails to topcoat, so that's more tedious than a "basic" manicure or doing simple nail art.
      I find that the chapstick is a lot easier to use than the tape, I have used both and the tape is definitely a hassle when you have done more than one nail in the marbling. The only thing with the chapstick is to make sure you have all your nail polish colours open before applying it, otherwise it's a little tricky to open the bottles ;)


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