Tuesday 11 September 2012

NOTD: Minnie Mouse Nails

I love Disney, who's with me?  All of my favourite movies are Disney movies (well except the Twilight Saga and Hunger Games!).  I prefer the older/original ones to the newer ones they are releasing today.

After I used Revlon Top Speed Fire I knew I had to do Minnie Mouse nails.  I have seen them around Facebook in the last little while and wanted to try them.  This was my first attempt, I want to redo these, but I wanted to share them with you before the Challenge begins!

So the reason I want to redo them is because I don't like my bows, and the dots look too busy, to me anyways, but that's my OCD talking.  That's the great thing about nail polish is that even if you don't like your first attempt at something, it's easily removable and you can always try again :D

I used L'Oréal I Will! and Jordana Black for the dots and bows.

Do you guys have a favourite Disney character or movie?

Fun facts about my love for Disney:
  • My favourite other Disney character is Eeyore.
  • My favourite Disney movie is The Lion King, it was the first movie I ever saw in theatres.
  • I love Disney because of all the music in the movies, they are all songs that I remember from being a kid and still sing them to myself sometimes :)
  • I have the Lion King soundtrack, which was my very first CD.
  • Since I have become "older" and have my own income I have started collecting the Disney DVDs :D
  • I have been to Disney World probably 5 times.  My grandparents have a house an hour from Orlando and we used to visit every other year when I was a kid.  My favourite part of the park is watching the parade at the end of the day!


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