Sunday 6 January 2013

Different Dimension Bazinga

Happy Sunday everyone!  Tomorrow is the day I get back into the swing of things - back to work, back to healthy eating and back to working out.. *sigh* I don't wanna!  Haha!  I know I will start feeling a lot better, not as "blech" about everything once I get back into my "healthy living" program.  I don't call it "dieting" because when I tell people that I am on a diet they look at me and say "why do you need to be on a diet?!" because society has turned the word "diet" into a negative thing, when really we are all on a "diet" - whether it's a healthy diet or a junk-food diet.

Today is the second instalment of the Different Dimensions Big Bang Theory collection, and I have for you Bazinga!.

This is 2 coats over bare nails.  I used this previously for the November Nail Art Challenge over red, but I think this will look awesome over black or maybe silver.  Because of the colour of the glitters, it makes it look like I am wearing a gold base colour.

This polish is a clear base with tiny glitter, medium hex glitters and large hex glitters in both red and yellow.  With the larger hexes, some placement is necessary, but I didn't have to fish to get them out of the bottle :)

If you want your own bottle of Bazinga!, or any of the other Big Bang Theory polishes, check out Different Dimension's shop.
Make sure to check back tomorrow for the next polish :)

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