Saturday 5 January 2013

Different Dimension Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Well, it looks like the Christmas break is winding down.  Only another 50.5 weeks till it's that time of year again :D  Ok, I'll stop, hehehe :P

Today, by popular request, I have for you Different Dimension Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock from the Big Bang Theory collection.  It's quite a mouthful of a name for a polish, that's for sure!  I love Big Bang Theory, it's definitely my favourite TV show!  I wish I could have a friend like Sheldon Cooper, but he would probably drive me batty!

Onto the polish!

This is such a beautiful glitter polish!  This is 2 coats over bare nails (that is how I will be doing swatches of glitters from now on so you can see what it actually looks like).  This polish is a grey-ish blue tinted base colour that is loaded with tiny silver glitters along with pale green, pale blue, light silver and darker silver small hex glitters.  In real life, the VNL isn't quite as prominent, surprisingly the sheer tinted polish base is both tinted enough to hide the VNL, yet not so much that it hides the glitters from the first coat.  It's polish MAGIC!  I LOVE it :D  I didn't have to work to place the glitters at all, they just kind of fell into place :)

I put this over a glue base coat, it was my first time trying it, and I think I prefer the acetone and foil method to remove glitter to the glue base coat.  When I was peeling this glitter off (in the shower, under warm running water) I ended up taking a couple chunks of nail off with it :(  You don't get that with the acetone and foil removal method.  Does anyone have any tricks for the glue base coat removal that may prevent the nail peeling off with the polish?

Want to get your own?  Head on over to the Different Dimension store to get your own :)

Make sure to come back over the next couple days to see the rest of the collection :D


  1. I love this! For the glue did you mix it with water? I used an empty polish bottle, poured about 3/4 of glue and the rest water, it works great for me and comes right off.

    1. No I used just straight glue, I don't have an empty polish bottle :( I have one that is almost empty, maybe I could clean it out and try it with some water mixed in, maybe that will help :) Thanks Sammi!

  2. try a thicker coat of glue or maybe two coats of glue, when i did it they popped right off no problems!

  3. Oh! I like this so much better when you show it like this rtaher than the swatches on her etsy shop! This looks like perfect jelly sandwich material! :)

    1. It is perfect jelly sandwich material! Maybe with Essie Marshmallow?!

  4. I've yet to get the glue method to work adequately, and have been sticking with foil and acetone, or even foil with the gentler removers.

    Love the polish. I picked up Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty (or whatever it's, and it's lovely. Not sure why I passed on this one.

    Like you...I ADORE BBT. It is my absolute favorite program on tv. Well, actually...I think it's in a tie with Downton Abbey.

    Yeah, I think it's time for a Downton Abbey collection, too!

    Lovely mani, Erica.


  5. I love Big I'm browsing the store. :)


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