Tuesday 12 March 2013

China Glaze Unpredictable

Good morning fellow polishers!  Today I have a polish that I have had for a while (since November-ish.. whoops!) that I haven't tried until now.  I did these the other day for COTW (colour of the week) that we have in my FB group - this week's colour is green, so I picked China Glaze Unpredictable!

This is one of the most amazing green polishes!  This is 2 really easy coats, and NO top coat!  There are visible brush strokes, but this didn't bother me... look at that colour!!  This is from the China Glaze Bohemian collection that came out not that long ago, I don't think... *googles it*  Nope, it came out in 2012, so not that long ago that you should still be able to get it fairly easily.

Check out the colour shift!!  It shifts from a blue-teal to a gold-green, beautiful :D

This polish is pretty distracting, and so fun to look at :)  This is my first duochrome from China Glaze, and I think I will eventually get more of the polishes from the Bohemian collection :D

Make sure to come back tomorrow to see what I did with this :)

Do you like duochromes?  What is your favourite colour combination in a duochrome?


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