Monday 11 March 2013

Make It Stick Vinyl Nail Decals - Heels

Good afternoon loves!  I have something SUUUPER EXCITING for you today!  Yesterday, you will remember I hinted at a design I did over Julep Alicia...  Well, here it is!!

These are the High Heel decals in Black I got from April at Make It Stick Design.  Aren't they so cute!!!  I applied these with tweezers as they did no come with the transfer tape that the heart cluster ones came with, and they were just as easy to apply.  I do prefer the decals with the transfer tape though, but that's just me.

I was only going to do some accent nails, but then when I had them on my ring and thumb nails, my other nails looked so "blah" so I did them all :D  I didn't top coat these at first (pictures are without top coat) because it was getting late, but when I was getting ready for bed I noticed that they were catching on things, so I went ahead and put the top coat on.  So word of advice - put a top coat over these, even if you only want to wear it for a day, cause you don't want the coming off in your sleep :)

Now, I had to "bling it up" a little bit after wearing them as shown above for a day, so here is what I did!

I added a small rhinestone from the Born Pretty Store's rhinestone wheel to the heels and VOILA!  Nails perfect for a girls' night out!   I also have to say - I want those shoes!!! ;)

This is the most colour accurate photo I have of Alicia, by the way.  This picture was taken in daylight rather than in my lightbox with my daylight light bulb.  Notice how it's slightly more pink than orange?  Dear camera - why can't you take pictures using colours as I see them?!  Sincerely, me.

April, you have done it again!  I need to have ALL THE DECALS!  They are so fun to play with, and make such stunning manis :D

You can purchase the decals in the Make It Stick etsy store, and make sure to check them out on Facebook!


  1. Replies
    1. Aren't they just perfect?? I would love to try them in a pink as well, and put them over black polish :D

  2. AHHH! So cute with the rhinestones! I want those shoes too! :)

    1. The rhinestones really completed the mani! I'm sure if I could find shoes like that I would never wear them cause they would kill my toes :(


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