Monday 22 April 2013

Elixir Lacquers A Mermaid's Tale

All polishes are purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.

Hello again, I thought I would throw in a nail swatch today as well!  I have a couple for backup and although you are probably still oogling the Nail Swatch Stick Display post, here's something else for when you come out of your trance ;)

This is Elixir Lacquers A Mermaid's Tale.  I know I have swatched this on here a while ago, but when I was looking at the Elixir Lacquers storefront, I noticed that Nicole had put my swatch pictures in for A Mermaid's Tale and I actually cringed, lol!  I knew I could take better pictures of it if I redid them, so I did.  Wanna see the original swatch - click here (please don't laugh too hard ;) ).

This is 2 coats of A Mermaid's Tale.  It could probably have used a 3rd coat, but I figured it was good enough :)  This is a gorgeous teal polish with blue and purple shimmers throughout it!  I wouldn't be lying to tell you that this is probably one of my favourite teal polishes, though I don't have a whole lot of them in my collection.

Application was easy, though the formula is a tad thin so I did a medium-thin first coat and a medium second coat to get the opacity you see.  I also think that the VNL isn't as prominent in person.  The shimmer to this is so pretty and hard to capture on camera.  If you are a teal person, I definitely recommend this polish!

One thing to note!  Of course, the day after I did these to reswatch for Nicole, she announces that A Mermaid's Tale is up on the "chopping block" for discontinuation to make way for new polishes and collections.  So if you want this, go get it now, before it's too late!  They can be found in her online store.  Also, make sure to give her a like on Facebook if you haven't already, to make sure to keep up with discontinuations and new polishes and collections!


  1. LOL, I hate looking back at my old pictures! Its funny how awful they are looking back, but at the time you thought they were awesome. This is a gorgeous color though! :)

    1. I know, right?! It's so crazy! I like it because it shows your progress over time, and it's amazing how quickly we make that progress :)


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