Sunday 19 May 2013


Happy Sunday!!  Today is my baby boy's 3rd Birthday!  I can't believe that he is 3 already.. they grow up so fast!  Today is going to be filled with lots of R&R for us as a little family, and we will be headed to Tyler's house for a BBQ, which we have told Owen it's his birthday party ;)

If you are fairly new here, Owen is mine and my fiancé Tyler's furbaby.  He is a Chow/Jack Russell cross, and the love of our lives :D  We treat him as if he is our own flesh and blood, and a birthday is no different!  He got some presents from his Aunt Sarah (my sister) this morning, and I made him some homemade dog treats as well.  I will put pictures up of those at the end, but you came here for the nails!

Now, I didn't time it so that Owen's birthday would fall on the first day for "H" week, that's just how it worked out, and it couldn't have been more appropriate!  If you want to jump in on the ABC Challenge, you're more than welcome to at any time!

H is for Happy Birthday Owen!

Firstly I want to apologize for the dry cuticles.. I cleaned up with acetone and forgot to put some cuticle oil on before taking pictures.  I was just so happy with this mani and wanted to get pictures taken and posted to show you all!

Aren't they cute?!  Here is what I used:

Thumb - Julie G Hot Cinnamon from the Gumdrops collection.  Then I stamped from Bundle Monster plate BM-306 with Julep Brandt, and topped with Seche Vite.
Index - Julep Brandt.  Then I used my homemade dotting tool to create dots using Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On and Julep Jackie, and topped with Seche Vite.
Middle - Julep Jackie.  Then I stamped from Konad plate M61 with Julep Brandt, and topped with Seche Vite.
Ring - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On and 2 coats of I Love Nail Polish Bella, then topped with Seche Vite.
Pinky - Julie G Hot Cinnamon, then stamped from Bundle Monster plate BM-323 with Julep Brandt, and topped with Seche Vite.

I picked red because red is "Owen's colour" :)  His collar is red and we try to get him lots of things in red.  Then when I decided to stamp, I chose Julep Brandt because it is a great stamping polish.  Then I thought I would tie in the white for the base colour for Bella in the dotticure for my index finger :D  It all works so well together!

Here are some things that we did today:

Owen opened his present from Aunt Sarah and her boyfriend Matt - 
Turkey-bird and bunny rabbit stuffed toys, and an edible rawhide birthday card!
We have wild turkeys and a family of bunny rabbits that Owen likes to watch.
I made him his favourite homemade treats - 
Peanut butter and Honey Nut Cheerio treats (in a red container ;) )
Sarah and I also premade him some pupsicles - 
Chicken broth in popsicle maker with dog treat sticks - Owen has already had 2 of them :)
And now Tyler and Owen are having a nap, waiting on me to finish my post and get ready for the BBQ -
*beaming*  so cute!! :D
Here is a picture of Owen and Tyler sleeping on the couch the first weekend Tyler brought him home -
He was barely 4 weeks old when we got him.

What do you guys have planned for today?


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