Tuesday 21 May 2013

China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise

All polishes are purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.

Morning ladies and gents!  Did my Canadians survive the long weekend?  We had such beautiful weather all weekend, considering normally the temperatures plummet and it rains and/or snows on this weekend here in Ontario.  I did hear that in Newfoundland they received almost 60cm of the white stuff over the weekend.  *_* Wish I was there... :)

Anywho, onto the nails.  I was in a bit of an "I don't want to post" mood last week, so these are from last week when the COTW was NEONS.  This is China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise.  I'm not going to lie to you, I did use the brighten scale on my photo editing program to lighten these pictures up, but that's because they were pretty dark.  Not sure what is up with my light box... *sigh*

This is 2 coats of Turned Up Turquoise, and I love it!  I got it on my toes back in October when I went to get them done at my cousin's salon, and as soon as I went home I ordered the polish so I could have it in my collection!  That's how much I loved it!

These pictures show it a little more blue, and lighter than it really is.  I will maybe reuse this polish and try to get better pictures of it :(  I was kind of disappointed when I couldn't get an accurate picture of this colour.

Although it is a touch on the darker side, China Glaze still classified it as a neon.  It does dry matte/rubbery like a neon does, but it doesn't require a white base colour like true neons do.  It also has a slight shimmer to it that isn't evident in the bottle, but as soon as you put it on the nail and top it with a glossy top coat, it's right there :D

If you are a teal lover, I definitely recommend this colour!  Just a note - when I took this colour off of my toes back in November-ish, it did stain my toenails, but when I took it off of my fingernails this time around, there was no staining.  I don't know if it was because of the base coat I used, or because my nails don't seem to stain at all since I started using Pure Cuticle Oil.  (If you want to see how yellow my nails used to be, check this out http://www.nailcarehq.com/EricasResults.)

I ordered this polish, and most of my main stream polishes, from Nail Polish Canada.  I use Nail Polish Canada for most of my polish purchases because I don't have a Sally's Beauty Supply store close to me.  The closest is about an hour away.  I recently found out that there are 2 Beauty Supply Outlet stores about 20 minutes from me, but I haven't been to one yet.  Nail Polish Canada offers free Canadian shipping when your order is $25+, and that's my favourite part! :D

Do you have Turned Up Turquoise?  Did you have staining problems with it too?

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