Wednesday 9 January 2013

Dollish Polish It's a Me Mario

Who is ready for another polish collection series, raise your beautifully polished hand!  Today I have for you the first polish from the Dollish Polish Super Mario Bros polish collection, It's a Me Mario.  As a kid, the Super Mario Bros video game was the only one I was coordinated enough to play, and to this day that is still the case ;)  I don't have enough patience to try to figure out other video games, and I don't have to coordination to use those little toggle things (sorry, I don't know the name of them!) to control my character, so I avoid those types of games at all costs!

So to quote Mario.. "Letsa go!!"

This is a great glitter polish, as with the other Dollish Polish polishes I have tried, it's loaded with glitter.  I did find that it was more of a "dab-on" glitter than a brush on glitter.  These are 2 dabbing coats of It's a Me Mario over bare nails.  As you can see, I have also trimmed my nails down.  They are starting to get all peely, that happens with the colder weather that is (finally) here.

This polish contains tiny red and blue glitters as well as small hex glitters in red and blue, and holographic star glitters.  I had to pretty much fish the stars out, I didn't get any on any of my nails for the first coat, but did manage to get one on my index and one on my thumb on my left hand (lucky you guys) and none on the rest of my nails, both hands.

As you can see, I haven't done any clean up with this mani and there are some stray glitters here and there.  I did have a little trouble getting the glitters evenly dispersed on my pinky nail, so there are some that escaped onto my cuticles ;)

Other than fishing for the stars and having to dab the glitters, I really love this polish :)  It would look great over a black or white base colour, but I wanted to show it to you with bare nails so that you can see what it looks like on its own.  One thing I get discouraged with when looking at swatches of some glitter polishes is when bloggers put it over a base colour, so when you get the polish it doesn't look anything like the swatches you were looking at that convinced you to buy it in the first place.

With Dollish Polish, she doesn't always have polishes stocked in her store, so you have to stalk her Facebook page and her shop info page to check on when your favourite polish will be restocked.

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