Monday 25 March 2013

Julep Helen and Girly Bits Hocus Pocus

Good afternoon and HAPPY MONDAY!  Weeeee?  :)  The good news?  It's a short week, and the Easter Bunny is visiting this weekend with an abundance of chocolate for everyone!!  I heart me some chocolate :D

Yesterday I told you to come back to see what I did to Julep Helen, and here is what I came up with!  I topped it with Girly Bits Hocus Pocus holographic top coat.

This is 1 thin-ish coat of Hocus Pocus over the 2 coats of Helen.  I love that Hocus Pocus gives you the ability to holo-ify every polish in your collection, but at the same time, it adds a grey-ness to the colour :(  This was my attempt to make myself feel better after I saw a picture of the new Enchanted polish Love the Way You Lilac, not realizing it was restocking that very moment, and missing my chance to get it.  However, it sounds like I would have been S.O.L. anyways cause it went SUPER quick.  I'm kinda glad I'm not the only one who missed out :)

I think I may re-try this, but with a brighter lavender/lilac coloured polish, since Hocus Pocus dulls the colour a little bit.

*EDIT* Thank you Stephanie Frank for reminding me.. you guys probably want to know where you can get your own bottles of these, huh??  For Girly Bits, Hocus Pocus and all of her other beautiful polishes can be found in her online store.  Make sure to follow her on Facebook to keep up with all the new releases!  And for the Julep polish, if you are interested in becoming a Maven, make sure to check out my Julep Maven information page, or head on over to the Julep online store (it pays to be a Maven!).

Have you ever missed out on a polish restock?  What polish was it?  What did you do to try to make yourself feel better, or am I the only one that pouts about stuff like this?  :)


  1. I love the nails! Where can you buy the colors?

    1. Aww crap, I knew I forgot something!! LOL! I will edit it right now :)

  2. Hi Erica,
    Thanks so much for sharing your swatches.
    I should note, that depending on when you purchased this bottle, the pigment may be too concentrated if it's really greying out the polish underneath a lot. If you feel that is the case, you can decant some of Hocus Pocus out into an empty polish bottle and add a little bit of clear polish. Just NOT a quick dry top coat. You would only want to use a ratio of about 2/3 Hocus Pocus to 1/3 clear.

    1. Hey Pam! Thanks for the info! I got it last summer, maybe the end of last summer. I will definitely try that. Someone also commented to use the water marble method to help reduce the grey-ness of it as well :)


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