Tuesday, 7 May 2013

F is for Flowers

Evening folks!  It was such a beautiful day today and I felt so retarded being cooped up inside at work, and then being cooped up working out in the gym.  My sister wasn't home when I was done work so I didn't have a walking buddy, and I thought that Tyler might give me the "look" if I didn't go and do weight training tonight :)

Today I have for you my F mani for the ABC Challenge!  Again, this isn't what I had planned to do, but my plan sounded like too much work when I went to do my nails last night, lol!

F is for Flowers

For this I used four coats of OPI Fiercely Fiona, which went on pretty well, but definitely needed the four coats.  I had something on my Seche Vite brush when I top coated it with plans to do swatch photos, so that didn't happen...  Then I used my dotting tool and made flowers using Avon Fuchsia and OPI Funkey Dunkey.  Then I did the centres of the flowers and random dots with Julep Fina.

I really love the way this turned out, and I think that the colour combination of all these works.  I got Fiercely Fiona from a friend (hey Kenya!) because she didn't like the colour of the polish, and I knew right away that it would be a great base colour for something flowery.  I am trying to collect the whole of the Shrek collection in the full size bottles, because Shrek is one of my favourite Dream Works movies.  It's one of those movies that I don't even have to be watching to be able to recite lines from it word for word :)  I have 4 of the colours in the mini sized bottles, but honestly, the OPI mini bottles are pretty useless for polish bottles in my opinion.  So far I have Fiercely Fiona and Funkey Dunkey in the full size, I just need the other 4 :)

I hope to do a swatch of Fiercely Fiona for you guys soon, though you have probably already seen it on a lot of other blogs when it came out ;)  I was kinda mad when my Seche Vite turned my "baby poo" coloured mani to just plain poo :(  I don't know what I got on the brush...

Make sure to share your F manis with me on my Facebook page, I love to see your manis!! :D


  1. Hope this helps: http://www.mbeautylounge.com/nailpolish/32-shrek-forever-collection-

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm going to try to swap for them if I can, but I will definitely keep this site in mind :D


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